Monday, August 26, 2013

Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope and Journal Review from #EducationalInsights

My big guy has turned into a scientist, seemingly overnight! Ever since we started homeschooling, he has really taken an interest in science and wants to soak up anything and everything he can related to science. I am totally okay with that, since science is really interesting to me as well! We have been watching a ton of videos, reading a ton of books, and doing a ton of experiments in the last few weeks! 

Now, we have received the Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope and Journal from Educational Insights, and it just adds one more tool to our science arsenal! This moonscope is amazing, even for a grown up! I wish I had a toy like this when I was growing up! I love that it comes along with the journal as sort of a guide for what your kiddos should be doing and looking for. 

Tater loves that it comes with it's own tripod, he thinks that makes him a grown up! He also loves the red LED light that the moonscope has, so he can use it at night. There really is so much that he can do with this toy! The journal alone has more than 20 lessons/activities for him to do, not to mention everything else that he can do on his own! 

Of course, being a "Nancy B" product, this scope is marketed to some extent to girls, but it's not "girly" at all, I don't think so. It's purple and blue, with stars and planets on it. I don't think it looks girly at all, but if you have a super picky guy, he might be put off by the Nancy B name and "look". For us, though, it's absolutely perfect! 

You can get the Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope and Activity Journal here, for right around $50.00, which is a great deal for such a nice product! Also, be sure that you have signed up for the EI newsletter and follow them on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date! 

We received a sample product in order to conduct this review, however all opinions are 100 percent our own. 

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