Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why You Should Purchase FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup Packages

Every four years, it’s time to get out your jersey and cheer on your favorite team for the international football tournament. For fans throughout the world, this is an exciting event that can be priceless to attend in person. If you are considering purchasing one of the FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup packages available, there are several reasons that this tournament will be worth making the trip to visit—the location, new technology updates, and the time of year.

The fact that the tournament is taking place in Brazil is record breaking for the tournament for several reasons. This is the second time that Brazil has hosted the tournament. The last time was in 1950. It is the fifth country that was given the opportunity to host it a second time, including Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany. This is the first time it will be held in a South American country since 1978 when it took place in Argentina. It is also the first time that there have been two consecutive tournaments hosted outside of Europe and in the southern hemisphere.

Another new factor for this tournament is the addition of goal line technology. This will be the first time that sensors and electronic devices will be placed on the goal to help officials determine when the ball completely crosses the goal line. FIFA took the time to try out several different kinds of electronic devices before determining which one will be used during the tournament. This will be a great way to support—not replace— the officials and help limit controversial calls, such as the one that occurred in the 2010 tournament.
Time of Year

This tournament will take place June 12-July 13, 2014. Individuals making the trip down to Brazil will experience the winter months of this region with mild weather and chilly evenings. Tickets and FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup packages will go on sale August 30, 2013 with only 3.3 million tickets available for the tournament. It takes place just weeks after the European leagues finish their season, giving fans a few more weeks to enjoy cheering on their favorite players and teams.

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