Sunday, June 2, 2013

Creators Of OnStar™ Develop New Smart-Watch That Will Revolutionize Child Safety...

I am really excited to share this piece of news with you guys! The creators of OnStar have developed a super cool smart-watch that is going to revolutionize child safety. It's called the Leo Wristwatch,and it is going to be a game changer, that is for sure! The LEO is the world's first smart-watch that has a locator app and a 911 panic button. This thing looks like it is going to be awesome! It is going to have a GPS locator so that parents and caregivers can track their children where ever they go. It also has a 911 panic button that the child can press if they are in danger. It will also serve as a cell phone, with a two way communication device that can be used on up to 100 preprogrammed numbers. If someone tries to remove the device, an alert will be sent to family member or authorities. This watch looks like it is going to revolutionize the way we keep our kids safe, and I am personally very excited to learn more about it! If you want to check out the LEO smart watch, you can do so here:

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