Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My One Year Heart Surgery Anniversary

I was reading an article the other day about the NYU Cardiac Center and all the great work they do there, and it got me thinking. March 29 was my one year heart surgery anniversary. The whole process was so surreal to me and I still can not believe that it is one year out from the surgery. I was so so scared and I just couldn't even process my feelings on that day. But, now, one year later, I am just extremely and incredibly thankful for the way that science has progressed and made things better for my whole family. 

The whole process of the surgery in and of itself was just so surreal and strange. I was awake for the whole procedure, although I napped on and off during the six hours it took to get things done. I felt the catheter being put in,I felt the wire as it went through my groin up to my heart. I actually felt the doctor burning the extra pathways off of my heart. It was the most surreal and crazy thing I have ever experienced in my life. I remember the songs that were on the radio in the operating room, and when I hear them today, it takes me back to that very moment. So weird! 

I'm so grateful that technology and science has advanced so much in the past. My doctor told me that if I had needed this surgery ten years before, it would have been full on open heart surgery with them cutting my chest open, and it would have required around a week's stay in the  hospital. This time, it was just overnight, and I had a tiny little pinhole in my thigh. That's all. Crazy to think how much things have changed. I am so grateful that my heart is fixed and I am now able to live my life with my boys the way I always wanted to. I feel a peace that I have never felt in my life, and i know now that it is because that extra pathway in my heart is finally gone, and I can finally breathe easier. Literally. So, next time you go to the doctor to have a procedure done, just take a few minutes to think about how amazing technology and science actually is! It is wonderful, and I speak from personal experience! 

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