Sunday, March 17, 2013

Breaking Bad News of The Week 3/17

Oh sweet jesus.

 I don't even know what to say. 
Last night was the Breaking Bad wrap party.

Photo Credit

 How fucking sad is that.

 Rumor has it that there are still two full weeks of shooting left, but we're on the tail end, y'all, and it's almost over.

Apparently, from what I hear from our favorite breakfast advocate, everyone is wrapping on different days this season, so... 

Here's his tweet: 

What does this mean? Ahhh, I'm stressed... 

 On one hand, I am so exceptionally excited to see the last eight episodes, and I am anxiously awaiting to see the series finale, I know that Vince will do a spectacular job. 

Breaking Bad is his baby, and if we have to see it go, there's nobody better to tell the end of the story than Vince. 

But, can it really be over? Aaron Paul is pretty down in the dumps too... 

(By the way, have we not already established that Aaron Paul is just about the classiest guy out there? Always so sweet and humble. Love him.)

In other Breaking Bad news, TMZ reports that Jesse Pinkman's car is up for sale at a ABQ used car dealership. Read the whole story here

Photo Credit: TMZ
And, in STILL more Breaking Bad news, New Mexico has declared March 16 to officially become "Breaking Bad Day". While I love any day that starts and/or ends with Breaking Bad, Dean Norris (Hank) had this to say on his Twitter: 

(Seriously, if you don't follow Dean Norris on Twitter, you should. This man is something else!) 

Well, that is all for this week in Breaking Bad news.. I can't wait to see some more pics from the wrap party,even though they make me sad..

So far, all I have seen are leaked photos on Reddit and a few candids from RJ Mitte's Twitter feed, but I am looking forward to seeing some more.. 

Can't believe it guys, it's almost time for the end! 

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