Monday, December 17, 2012

Hot Gift! Flip Out Game (Especially For Flip Out Mamas!)

Today's gift is a special one for us here at Flip Out Mama. We are always looking for cool and unique gifts that reflect our personalities. Well, today we got the chance to review a special game from Gamewright Games called, what else, Flip Out! We were so excited to try a game that had the same name as us!
Flip Out is a card game, but not like any other card game that you have played before! Here's the scoop:

Just when we thought we had played every type of card game, along comes this one that literally flips everything inside out! Between the double-sided cards, the clever varieties of actions, and the easy-to-learn rules, this game has the perfect combination of elements that makes for hours of family fun. FlipOut, the game where there really are two sides to everything!

 The premise of the game is simple. You flip, switch, and swap your cards in order, to try to get four in a row. The catch is, every card has two sides, so the other players can snatch them up and use them for themselves. This makes the game very fast paced, since you are always worried about what your opponents are going to try to do!

This game has been a ton of fun to play with Tater. It is a fun game, first and foremost, but it is also an educational game, and I love that! The game says for ages eight and up, but Tater took right to it, and learned how to play, no problems. So, if you have a younger kiddo who is super mature like my guy, feel free to let them play too! I also like the game because it doesn't take a ton of time to play. I can sneak in a quick game of it with Tater while Bean is napping, in the bath, or watching cartoons, and it gives us some special one on one time together.

If you are looking for a cool game for yourself, or for your kiddos, I think you should check out Flip Out! It is really a ton of fun! To check out Flip Out for yourself, click here for more info! Also be sure to follow Gamewright Games on Facebook for the latest news and promotions!

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