Friday, November 30, 2012

Hot Gift! La Dee Da Dolls!

You guys have heard it before, and you will hear it again. I hate never getting to play with any cool girl toys on my blog. Only boy stuffs for me, how sad :( But not today! Spinmaster Toys heard my pleas for help, and sent us some great La Dee Da dolls to try out with my nieces! Yay! Finally, girl time! 
We received City Girl Dee, and isn't she adorable? Love her outfit! The premise of the La Dee Da girls is that they started their own fashion label and now are looking for inspiration everywhere! My nieces favorite part? By far, the fact that you can switch up her accessories, change them around, and customize her look to however you want it to be! 

These dolls are bright, colorful and super cute for little girls (and big girls!) to play with! We had so much fun with our city girl Dee, that I have Dee's other friends waiting for my nieces under the tree! (Shh, don't tell!) Now we are going to be able to get together and have our La Dee Da parties! Now, let's not even begin to mention that darn La Dee Da theme song... It's in my head AGAIN! :)

The La Dee Da dolls are super cute, and super affordable, usually under $20 each! If you want to buy one for the little chicks on your list, click here! Also be sure to join Spinmaster on Facebook and Twitter to find out more news and promotions!

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