Saturday, November 24, 2012

Great Social Network Site For Kids!

If your kids are like my kids, they are more tech savvy than you are! Tater is in this stage where he wants to be a news reporter or a sportscaster when he grows up. He also wants his own Facebook, but I say no to that at this age. It's just not safe. Luckily, though, we found this cool new site:

This site is a great resource for kids 12 and under to be news reporters for their school or hometown. They can be reporters while also meeting and connecting with new friends all over, who are their age. This is just a really cool site, and I think it will be perfect for Tater. We are going to sign up right now! I love that this will give him a place to be online and help to teach him about the world around him but also be able to keep him safe without just "turning him loose", you know? If you have a budding reporter in your life, you should definitely check out NewzMonkeys today!

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