Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Must Have WordPress Plug In!

It’s vital to get your website or blog visitors to focus on the most important part of your message.

A good way to achieve this is by using a Johnson Box (also called a text box or even a content-box). A Johnson Box acts like a magnet to the eyes, and will draw the attention of your visitors to the content you present inside the Johnson Box.

WP Johnson is a smart and easy-to-use WordPress plugin can help you transform ordinary WordPress pages and posts to a more dynamic version.

It’s also possible to use the Johnson Text Boxes in the widget area and the footer, so the possibilities are endless.

I am very impressed with the WP Johnson WordPress plugin. Downloading the WordPress plugin and inserting Johnson Boxes on my pages have greatly improved the appearance of my blog and really have made my blog more attractive.

The WP Johnson WordPress plugin can be installed on any WordPress site in seconds.

Creating professional Johnson Boxes is effortless and only takes a minute and you don’t even need to touch HTML or CSS.

There are lots of powerful features that are so useful; you can specify a heading, decide the flow of the box, turn the whole Johnson Box into a link, add variety of color, add a border around your box, and you can even add a custom button like a “Buy Now” button, “Download Now” button, “More Info HERE” button.

You decide on the button’s text!

You can either download the free WordPress Johnson plugin, or you can upgrade to the PRO.

Since the WP Johnson PRO plugin is only $12, - you get a lot for your money.

Either way you will be delighted with your download, and the WP Johnson plugin will work with any WordPress theme.

I love the WP Johnson WordPress plugin and believe that it is one of the greatest tools that a blogger can utilize.

And the best part is that you get free unlimited support with the PRO, all for a very reasonable price! To check it out, just click here!

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