Saturday, October 6, 2012

What's On Your Kid's Christmas List??

Oh my goodness.. Can you guys believe that it's almost THAT time again??? Oh, yeah, you know what I am referring to.. Christmas! I can not believe that Fall is here and that Holiday 2012 is almost here! We are of course, gearing up for our holiday gift guide, and I am just about finished, but still looking for a few companies and products to add to our list..

So, I thought I would ask the experts... You guys! What are your kids asking for this year? What is on the Christmas list of your little ones? Shew, at my house we have two different ends of the spectrum. For Tater, he is asking for anything and everything tech-y... Can you believe the six year old is asking for a computer??? Ipod apps, video games, r/c cars... Anything electronic is just perfect for that guy..

However, my sweet little Beanie, he is just the opposite. He wants toys, actual toys to play with! And, you know what is pretty funny? He actually prefers wooden toys, instead of cheapo plastic toys, or loud, annoying battery operated toys. I love that fact! He will sit on the floor and build with wooden blocks, or play with his wooden train set. It is the cutest thing ever! I guess he gets that from me, since I always prefer to buy wooden toys for the boys instead of cheapo ones!

So, questions... Answer in the comments! Let me know what your kids are wanting for Christmas! What companies should I be contacting for our gift guide this year? Let me know!

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