Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rock-it-Oil Cleaners make life easier for busy moms!

Okay, we have to clean. We all have to clean, and we can't get around it. The best we can do is try to make it easier, and find products that do the best job possible and make it quicker and easier on us! So, when I heard about Rock-it-Oil Cleaners, I knew that they were going to be something I would want to check out. 

Rock-it-Oil has a whole line of cleaning products available at Home Depot. They have products for stone, cooktops, fabric, stain removal, wood, and more! I am a sucker for good cleaning products, so I knew I had to check these out! I got to check out the Rock-it-Oil Lustre (for stainless steel), and the Rock-it-Oil Cook Top (for..cooktops, obivously). 

Rock-it-Oil's Lustre is a revolutionary stainless steel cleaner that is designed to put the Stainless back in Steel! They promise to clean, shine, polish and condition without streaking! That is my #1 problem with most stainless steel cleaners on the market today, is the insane amount of streaks that they leave everywhere. It's ridiculous! I knew that this problem was different when I saw all the rave reviews. Usually you don't see reviews like this for cleaning products, but I am so glad that these happy customers took the time out of their day to write about Lustre, so other people can learn about how great it is! The really cool thing about Lustre is that it uses Nano Technology to penetrate below the surface where other cleaners can't. Truth be told, I've never seen another cleaner like it! 

Truth be told, I was most excited about the Cooktop cleaner. I have tried every cleaner out their on my flat top stove, and nothing works. It just does not come clean. It really sucks, because my stove is only a couple of years old, so it really should not look like this. I love that the Rock-it-Oil Cooktop cleaner uses that Nano Technology as well, since that helps it to penetrate below the surface and get all the dirt off. I love that the cooktop cleaner can penetrate to get burnt on food off without scrubbing. It is both food safe and safe for ground water, which is a great thing. I also love the fact that it won't scratch the surface and I don't have to worry about tearing up my stove just to get it clean! 

All in all, I defnitely recommend checking out the Rock-it-Oil product line the next time you are at your local Home Depot! If you would like more information, just visit their site here!

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