Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apple Grove Gang Books are great for kids!

Now that my sweet little Tater has turned into a reader extraordinaire, I am always on the lookout for books that he will enjoy. I try to push him into reading, sometimes maybe a little too much. I would SO much rather have him reading books than playing video games and watching TV. 

When I recently found the Apple Grove Gang book series, I thought these would be perfect for my guy! I don't think he is quite big enough for them yet, but I am going to make sure to save them so I can let him read them when he gets a little bit older. I think it will be perfect for him when he is around 8-12. Don't remind me that it's almost that time! 

The books are great for kids to read on Kindle or other e-reader, which Tater prefers to a regular old book. I think it makes him feel like a cool kid to read a book on the Kindle or iPad. The Apple Grove Gang books are set in 1960, and while I don't remember what life was like in this time frame, it reminds me of what life was like for my parents, and stories they used to tell me. I think the book is the perfect length, not too long and not too short. If books get too long and drawn out, Tater will lose interest and stop reading, so somewhere in between is a good thing! 

I am really looking forward to having Tater read and check out this book, since I want him to know that there are people who lived without cell phones, internet, and iPods.. (Since he doesn't believe this!) I can't wait for him to be old enough to enjoy these books! And, since they are only $.99 on Amazon, they are priced so that everyone can afford to check them out! If you want to check out No Exit, the first book in the Apple Grove Gang series, you can purchase it here!

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  1. Tweeted with Mr. Hamilton C. Burger today what a great guy! Story time with your children is a precious time! Every kid use to have his one all time favorite childhood story! Today out on Kindle I released my first book! Story -time is important! Why not make it humorous and memorable with this fable!


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