Monday, August 27, 2012

Obligatory Jonathan Banks/Michael Ehrmantraut Love Post

I am so long overdue for a personal post. As most of you know, I absolutely love Breaking Bad on AMC. (Not Available On Dish LOL)..Well, we only have one episode left this year before the half-season break, and things are sure getting a little bit crazy in BB land. 

This past Sunday was a sad, sad night for me. It marked the end of Mike, my most beloved character on Breaking Bad. I seriously do not know what it is about this man, but I have loved him from the very start. Maybe it's my lack of grandpa/daddies in my life, but I just really, really love(d) this badass old man. 

So, by now, if you haven't seen this video, with my beloved Mike, you need to check it out: 

Jonathan Banks is such an amazing actor and I love, love love him! Mike will definitely go down as my all time favorite TV character! But, for now, we are impatiently waiting for Sunday night and what is going to happen before the horrible year long wait until the end of the series.. Oh, dear, is it time for Walking Dead and Dexter again yet ?

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