Monday, August 6, 2012

Book Review: The Boss In Bunny Slippers by Terra Bohlmann

Today I have a great book to tell you guys about that is right up my alley! The book is called "The Boss In Bunny Slippers: A Woman's Guide To Leadership Success, All While Working From The Comfort Of Home". This book is perfect for me and all moms out there like me who are trying to take care of their families, emotionally, physically, and financially while staying at home. It really is a hard job, and there are times that I am afraid that I have made the wrong choice, but I know at home with my babies is where I need to be. So, I was excited to find this book! 

This book is a great resource for work at home moms, and not only does it give great advice, but it is funny too! I really like books that give you the actual tools you need and not just a general idea. I like details!!! 
Anyways, this is a great book for work at home moms like me, and I totally recommend it to you! 
If you would like to check it out, click here!

About The Author: 

Terra Bohlmann is the founder of Her mission is to help small business owners grow their businesses...all from working from home. She has spent the past decade leading virtual teams as a consultant and business owner. She has led successful virtual teams all around the world including Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. After struggling to find balance between her personal and work life, she now aspires to share her secrets to leadership success. Terra enjoys mentoring and helping others achieve their professional and personal best without sacrificing what matters most in life. Raised in the Midwest, she now resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and three sons. For additional information, visit or email Let’s stay connected! Twitter (@TheWorkingHouse), Facebook (TheWorkingHouse), and blog.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I had fun writing the book - it's a funny read packed with lots of good info to help other ladies become a Boss in Bunny Slippers, too.


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