Monday, July 2, 2012

Please explain to me how it is possible that I am busier now that I am staying at home than I was when I was working? I really do not understand. But, things are coming along. I guess. 

Today I got our "emergency cabinet" cleared out. Well, before today it was a crap cabinet. Now it is going to be an emergency cabinet. 

This is where we are going to put our emergency supplies, bottled water, first aid kit, canned food, candles, etc... After a run of like 3-4 emergencies where I couldn't find/didn't have/couldn't get to what I needed, we are going to start being more prepared and ready for these situations. So, today, we cleaned out a cabinet in our hutch to use for emergency supplies.

Also on the list, finishing the hallway. I got it done today! I painted last week, and it has just been hanging out kinda "half finished" since then. So, today, I hung my curtains, put my switch covers on, and hung my pictures back up. It looks SO much better! 

Now, I still have so much to do! I am working on getting the yard stuff done, my brush cleared out, etc.. so I can move on to the next thing, which will be... getting ready for bunnies and chickens! I think I am going to go ahead and get started with our bunnies first, and work my way up to the chickens. Nice and slowly.. LOL!

Gonna have to repaint my kitchen cabinets next week too.. Tried to use this clearance paint that I had bought, but didn't notice it was flat paint.. I despise flat paint... So, yeah, that didn't work out! 

Anywho, those are just a couple of things we are working on this week. 
Getting ready to go sit down with the hubs and watch American Reunion, so I can give you lovelies a review about it tomorrow! (Don't forget, it will be available on DVD/BluRay on July 10!)

Night everyone!

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  1. That's a wonderful idea! We have the same problem about never finding what we NEED in those moments of crisis. Yeah like when the tornado was going to hit Lex dead on? Yeah I panicked and couldn't find jack! I might just steal this idea!

    Also being a stay at home mom IS super busy- it's more exhausting than a job because at least at work you had breaks and lunches- not with kids- it's run run run!


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