Saturday, July 14, 2012

Do You Shop At Aldi?

If you don't, I'm telling you.. you should.. Seriously.. This is not a review post, or a sponsored post.. This is just me telling you that I recently started shopping at Aldi, and that I am saving a lot of money since then! 

I had never shopped there until a few months ago, when I started staying at home, but since then, I have really enjoyed the deals there! Last week, a 2lb bag of white onions was $.69! Five pounds of potatoes for $.99, and 4 ears of corn for $.75! 

I have tried a ton of stuff since starting to shop there. At first I was a little bit worried about how the quality would be, since everything was so much cheaper, but we have been really pleased! We haven't tried a single thing that we don't like! In fact, some things, like the lunchmeat, and the popcorn chicken, we like better than the Kroger store brand versions! I was really impressed! 

I tried to upload some pics of my reciept to show you guys some of the great deals that I found, but I can't get it to show up right! 

But, next time you're near an Aldi's, go inside and check it out, you will be impressed!

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