Sunday, July 22, 2012

(Book Review) Rayne: Queen Water Supplier of The World

As you guys know, we are always trying to look for new and interesting books for the boys. I like for them to have things to read that they probably wouldn't pick out on their own. (If I didn't pick out different books for them, they would only read zombie books!) So, when I found this really cool book by Elizabeth Rooks, I wanted to share it with you guys! The book is called Rayne: Queen Water Supplier of the World, and it is so cute! 

The story follows Rayne, an adventurous and imaginative little girl, who tells everyone that she is the queen water supplier of the world! She tries to convince all of her animal friends, Cora the Cow, Dale the Dolphin, Betsy the Bird, and Bella the Butterfly, but they don't believe her! This is such a cute story, and it actually teaches kids about water without them even realizing it! 

Elizabeth Rooks did a great job with this book, and I would recommend it to everyone! I am really excited to read more of her children's books in the future!

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