Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beacon Hill Holiday Cottages= My Dream Vacation!

So, the other night, the hubs and I were talking about vacations.

 We have never been on a "proper" vacation, money has always been tight for as long as we have been together, and there have always been either newborns, babies, or toddlers to deal with, and I am just not brave enough to venture far from home with them!

So, imagine his surprise when he asked me what my dream vacation spot would be.

I quickly replied, " Beacon Hill Holiday Cottages!"

"Where in the heck is that?" he asked..

"Oh, just in Northumberland, United Kingdom."

Needless to say, we won't be heading there this year!

But, I found Beacon Hill Holiday Cottages online awhile ago, and they look like so much fun!

They have everything I could ever want in a vacation destination.

What really made me want to go, though, are their children's activities.

They have the usual suspects, great pool, game room, etc, but there were some really cool extras I noticed that made me want to go!

The covered adventure playground looks amazing! It has a roof so you can play on it in the rain, and it looks like part playground/part treehouse. It just looks like it would be so much fun to explore!

They also have a Harry Potter Trail in their woods, which I know Tater would adore!

There is also a big lake there in the woods, and they encourage you to hang out in nature, build a campfire, and cook some dinner! I love this idea!

There are so many wonderful things that Beacon Hill Cottages have to offer, and I know that, even though it may take me awhile, I will get to stay there one day!

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