Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who's Watchin' Hatfields & McCoys?

Oh My God, everybody is talking about this show!!!

Are y'all watchin?? 

Tonight is the finale (? Do I call it a finale? ) of the three night mini series "Hatfields & McCoys" on The History Channel. 
I am really into it, and I totally, wholeheartedly suggest it to you guys!

I have always been interested in these families,  especially since I am a Kentucky Girl! 

I am proud of the History Channel for what they have done with this story! 

I am even really loving Kevin Costner, who I usually am not a fan of.. He is actually my favorite character in the show, as "Devil Anse" Hatfield. 

I am also really loving the love story between Roseanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield. What a beautiful girl Lindsay Pulsipher is! 

Anyways, I am really loving this mini-series, although Bill Paxton is a little bit disappointing to me in this show... 

I really recommend you guy watch it! Go DVR it right now so you can watch the whole thing at once!

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