Thursday, May 24, 2012

Travel Privacy Screens Make Traveling More Enjoyable!

As most of you guys know, we are getting ready to embark on our family vacation! Yay! We are really excited about it, and know that we will have a great time. The only thing I am concerned about, however, is what we will do with The Bean. I do not think he is big enough to sleep in a regular bed with us, (he is still in his crib at home), but I don't think he will calm down enough to chill out in his pack and play if we are all in the hotel room together. 

I think I may have found a very unique solution though! 

I recently found a site that sells Travel Privacy Screens. These screens are created by a dad, who, after his son was born, realized that traveling with a baby was NOT easy! They quickly realized that their little guy would not chill out and go to sleep in his crib in the hotel room, if he could see them. (Exactly what I am concerned about as well!) They had to stay completely still while he was falling asleep, and even after he was asleep, they had to be totally silent, walking on eggshells the whole time he slept! 

Boy, do I know that feeling! 

So, this dad set out to find a screen, or some type of device that would create some privacy for mom and dad, and create a peaceful spot for baby. However, there were none to be found! 

So, he did what all awesome dads do... he created one!

He made an inexpensive and easy solution! A screen that you can make yourself to go around your baby's crib or pack n play! It actually creates a little "room" for your baby to chill out in! What a great idea!

The picture above is an actual iPhone photo from the dad who created the Travel Privacy Screen. 

When you close the screen, it looks like this: 

In the picture above, you can see it open and closed both! 

If you are interested in getting one of these, you can either purchase the DIY instructions, or the pre-cut kit to make the screen here! 

This is a great idea!

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