Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do You Know What Safety Razors Are?

Today I learned what  safety razors are. Do you guys know? I thought the term "safety razor", referred to any disposable razor. But, no,no, no.. I was wrong! 

I really honestly didn't know that there were other types of razors, aside from the cheapo plastic disposables that we all use. I mean, I knew that in the olden days, guys shaved with like a blade and that was it, but I didn't know there was something in between. 

That something is known as the safety razor. I learned that they make razors that are "real", made out of a type of metal, with a removable piece to insert a replaceable blade. I was really surprised to see that these razors were notably heavier than the disposable ones I have been used to!

Using a real razor like this gives guys a much closer shave! My hubs would love a razor like this to get the "real shave" experience! After the initial purchase of the razor itself, safety razors can also be much more affordable than disposables, since all you have to buy are the blades! 

I am seriously thinking about buying one of these for my hubs for Father's Day, to give him that real shaving experience. These are really nice razors and I can't wait to try one for real! 

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