Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Day In The Woods

Last week was Spring Break for Tater. Although we didn't do anything super big or super exciting since I was just a week out of my surgery, we had a great time. 

We took the boys down to the nature preserve by our house and went for a hike.

It is so pretty there, the trails go all the way down by the Kentucky River and you can see the Kentucky River Palisades.  

We are really lucky to live less than two minutes from the beautiful Tom Dorman Nature Preserve, and we are really excited about the plans for the Palisades State Park that will be literally, a stone's throw away! 

Anyways, we had a great day at the Nature Preserve, and it was the first time in probably, six or eight months, that I have been able to walk more than five minutes without that horrible chest pain (more mad props to Dr. Morales!). It was so nice to enjoy the day with the boys and do something that I honestly wasn't sure that I would ever be able to do again! 
 Just thought you guys might enjoy some pics from our special day!

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