Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Introducing StorkBrokers!

Okay, first of all, what a cute name for a site, right!? I love this idea, and I love the name! 

StorkBrokers is a site designed for easy buying and selling of gently used ("preloved") baby and kids stuff! I totally understand what the founders of StorkBrokers mean when they say they are forced to get rid of baby and kids stuff that is barely used because their kids have outgrown it or no longer need it. I go through that all the time! I mean, who doesn't have a ton of used baby furniture sitting around?

One thing that is cool about StorkBrokers is that it is a community of parents, who want to interact with each other. All parents have stuff laying around that they could sell, and if by some crazy chance, you don't see what you need? Just request it, and the folks at StorkBrokers will notify you when someone lists it! Love it! 

I have been checking out their site, and they have some really great deals! 

Look at this! It is $15 for 30+ pieces of baby girl clothes! LOVE THIS! I happen to be a sucker for children's consignment, so I am totally in love with this!

I am definitely going to be checking out this site in the future, and you should too! Here's where to go: 

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  1. Love the tagline of your blog! I have used Storkbrokers quite a bit this year and Love.IT. I got a good chunk of my son's Christmas gifts on Storkbrokers too (all brand new). I check it everyday. You never know what you are going to find!

  2. I <3 StorkBrokers.com! I can always find amazing deals that help me spoil my nieces on a budget. FranticMommy is right about the new stuff too. There's tons of things that are still new with tags. Glad you came across this site!


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