Saturday, December 17, 2011

Check Out This New Book For Moms!

I'm really excited to tell you guys about a new book that I think all moms will really love. It's by Peggy Falkenstein, and it's called Despite Appearances. 

Here's a little rundown: 

The Van Norman family lives a charmed life least that's how it seems. Dreams of the past are rocking their foundation. Charismatic Andora, her level-headed husband, Jason, and their two children have what many people only dream of: a house in Beverly Hills, two successful careers, faithful friends, and the glamour of Hollywood. The only trouble is, Andora is experiencing severe stress-caused health problems. Being a take action person, Andora grabs a sudden opportunity to buy a cabin in Montana where she can go to relax. What happens after Andora buys the cabin creates complications. Can a secret devastate their lives?

Doesn't it sound good! The book has received many wonderful reviews, and I am very excited to read it for myself! You can buy the paperback version of this book for only $14.99 or the music enhanced E-Book for only $7.99!! If you are interested in purchasing this book, just click here! 

This has been a sponsored post.

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