Friday, December 16, 2011

ABBA You Can Dance House Party!! Review of a great game!

I am really excited to tell you guys about the new ABBA You Can Dance game that just came out! It is from the makers of Just Dance! If you have ever played the Just Dance games, then you know how much fun they are! We recently got the opportunity to host a ABBA You Can Dance House Party!! 

As you guys know, I have two little boys, but that did not stop us from having an AWESOME 70's disco bash! I was lucky to be blessed with boys that *LOVE* all sorts of music, and especially love video games, so this was right up our alley! We had a few complications that kept our dance party from being as awesome as we had hoped, but we still had a great time!
We were sent a wonderfully awesome DISCO BALL a few days before the party! Needless to say it was a hit! The boys played with it every single day right up until the morning of the party. They were actually bringing it to me to get set up for the party, when *gasp!*, they dropped it to the floor, and it suffered an untimely demise. Believe me, those boys were so sad! They cried and cried! Mom promised to get them one real soon to play with, but until then, I said they could have some lava lamps! :) 

The game itself was so much fun! Bean, of course is really too small to play it, but Tater and I were really into it! The game was really fun, and I really enjoyed hearing some great disco songs! Tater was singing along too, by the end of it! 

Some of the songs have only one dancer to follow, but I really liked the ones that had the four different dancers, each doing their own move. It was much more fun! I must say that the best part of this game in our opinion, was the karaoke part! All the words pop up on screen and you can sing along! 

Here is some more about the game: 

More About ABBA You Can Dance for the Wii:
  • The Timeless Music of ABBA - Enjoy all the hits - 26 in all - from ABBA's rich catalog of classic songs, now digitally remastered for Wii and your home entertainment system.
  • You Can Dance - Unleash your inner dancing queen and play for fun or to set a new top score to challenge yourself and others. Play any way you want with up to four friends.
  • Mini-Musical - Perform a story through the music of ABBA! Experience the magic as you play a role in a mini-musical of ABBA's songs.
  • Karaoke Mode - Up to two additional friends can join in on vocals. Simply follow along with the on-screen lyrics.
  • A Must-Have for Fans - Get immersed in the amazing world of ABBA with authentic content including their music videos, live concert footage, and classic photos!  
 We really enjoyed the ABBA You Can Dance game, and I know we will continue to have a lot of fun playing it in the future! Hopefully soon, I will be feeling well enough to join in on the fun! 


You can purchase ABBA You Can Dance for the Wii on Amazon for only $29.96!

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    1. wow, I really like this great game, because I love to dance, thanks for ABBA


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