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Review: Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit

I have to say one of my favorite parts of being a blogger is the chance to try new products and give my opinions on them! I have really been lucky to try so many great products that I probably wouldn't have gotten the chance to try had it not been for my blog!
(Some people who recognize the value of beauty think about attending cosmetology

I got a great opportunity recently to try a great new product from Suave Professionals. They have just introduced a new product, the Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit! I have always wanted to get a Keratin treatment at the salon, but they are just so expensive! This was a perfect chance for me to get to try an at home treatment! 

I have always struggled with my hair, as long as I can remember. My hair is not only super thick, but curly/wavy, and FRIZZY! I have never really been able to "tame" it, but I have been able to calm it down a bit. My usual routine is shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, straightening balm, heat protector spray, blow dry, more heat protector spray, shine spray, flat iron, and hairspray. Seriously. Every. Single. Day. I was really excited to try this Keratin treatment to see if it could help at least cut down on the steps involved in making my hair look decent! 

I wish that I would have thought to take a "before" picture before beginning this process, but yesterday, the stars just aligned.. Tater was at school, and Bean was taking a nap, and FINALLY! A free moment for me to try this! So, I kinda jumped the gun a bit and ran to get it done!

The Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit is essentially 3 steps. If you have colored your hair at home before, you will be fine. It is pretty easy to do! 

First of all, you shampoo your hair, and lightly condition with your normal products. You don't want to skip this part, because you are not supposed to shampoo for 48 hours after using this product, so you want your hair to start off as clean as possible. 

After you lightly towel dry your hair, you are ready to get started with step 1. Make sure to use an old towel, and wear your gloves. Step 1 is the Smoothing Creme. You should be forewarned, this stuff STINKS! It smells a lot like the "perm" smell at a hair salon, so I am sure you have smelled it before. But, hey, it gets the job done, so I can deal with the smell! :) You work the Smoothing Creme through your hair from roots to ends (but not massaging into roots like hair color). The kit comes with a comb that you use during this process to continually pull your hair straight while working the product through it. When your hair is thoroughly covered with all the creme, you start timing. My time, for my thick, curly, and frizzy hair, was the highest end of the spectrum, 25 minutes. You should comb your hair a few times while waiting to ensure that it stays straight. 

After your time is up, you rinse your hair with warm water for a minimum of five minutes to ensure that the creme is all out. Then it is time for Step 2. The cuticle seal cream goes on your hair next, and stays for seven minutes. Super fast, super easy. Then you rinse that out, and you are ready for the final step. Step 3 is the heat protection leave in conditioner. If you don't use all of this, you can save it for future use. After that, you are almost done! The box recommends that you blow dry your hair and possibly flat iron if desired. I was really excited to get to this part to see how it would look. 

I was really surprised that even though my hair was still wet, it was straight. Usually my hair is the curliest when it is wet. It was really weird to see it like that, since I have never had my hair be wet, but straight at the same time. That was the moment I knew that I liked this product! 
Of course, I forgot an after picture. But here is a picture from this morning. I haven't even brushed my hair. Look how straight, and no frizzies! Love it!

I was a little wary to blow dry my hair without my usual arsenal of 100 products in it, but I went along with it anyway. Much to my surprise, my hair looked fabulous after just simply blow drying! I didn't even have to use my straightening balm or spray! I could definitely tell a difference in my hair. It seems "flatter", and much less "poofy." What was completely unbeliveable to me was that I DIDN'T need to flat iron. There has never been a time that I have blow dried my hair and not needed to flat iron. There are usually so many frizzies and flyaways that it isn't even an option. I am seriously impressed! 

The box says that this treatment will keep hair more mangeable for up to 30 days, and I am excited to see how it works during that time period. Stay tuned, for more updates from me about this product! So far, I am definitely a fan! I can simply blow dry my hair and go now, and that saves me so much time, not to mention money because I don't have to use the tons of hair products that I usually do! My hair is super soft, smooth and silky, and I have really never felt my hair like this. It usually is sticky from all the hairspray and product, or is so dry it feels like straw! 

I am definitely loving the new Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit from Suave Professionals, and I will be keeping you updated to how my hair behaves over the next month or so! 

disclosure: I was provided with a promotional product in order to conduct this review. Although a sample was received, all opinions are mine and mine alone.


  1. How does your hair look now?

  2. It still looks good! I don't think it lasted the entire month, because my hair is SO curly usually, but it did last a good three weeks. And for around $12, totally worth it!

  3. did it make your hair greasy???

    1. Thats what i really want to know too - did it make your hair greasy?? cant wait to try it as i really need something to smooth my hair as well. though my hair is not what i would call thick at all, just frizzy..

    2. Hey Guys! It wasn't greasy at all, I was actually really surprised! My hair was just like it always is, except straight!

  4. Is your hair colored? I saw on some other reviews that it should only be used on natural uncolored hair. Thinking about trying this, but my hair is dyed.

  5. Is your hair color treated. I want to try this, but saw on some other blogs that it can't be color treated. Just wondering before I try.

  6. I tried this product on my girls hair. I'm on an extremely tight budget so I first did my 12 year old one month, and next month my 6 year old, the pictures speak volumes and I wish I could share. Anyway the following much anticipated month was to be my turn! I loved the fact that finding this product proved so easy from the start, right at my local Walmart, but wouldn't you know that when my turn came my local Walmart no longer had this product on it's shelves??? They had all the shampoos and conditioners and extrea, but not this! Needless to say I am one very disappointed mom. How am I supposed to get my hair done and touch up my girls heads? (it's been 3 months for the first daughter 2 for the other and their hair, by the way is still so much more manageable that originally so.
    One deprived mom


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