Monday, September 19, 2011

Renting Textbooks?!? About Time!!

Soo.... did you guys know that this even existed? The possibility to RENT textbooks for college instead of buying them!?! I honestly had no idea that this was even possible! I really wish that this would have been an option for me when I was in college (for that whole 2 months lol!) This is such a wonderful idea, and a great way for college students to cut down on costs! 

I recently came across this great site called, where you can rent textbooks. The first thing I noticed about their site was the ease of using it. You can search for the books you need by ISBN, author, title, or keyword. Another thing that I really liked about is that they offer FREE shipping both ways! Another thing that I thought was really cool is that it is totally okay to mark or highlight in the books however you need to! You just pay your rental fee, and then at the end if you want to buy the book, you just pay the difference. How Cool!?!?

The fees on the site are really reasonable! Most of the books that I looked at were between $30-$60 a semester, which is a hell of a deal! And if something happens and you decide you don't want or need the book anymore (or, like me, that you just don't wanna go to college anymore LOL) you can return your book for ANY reason within thirty days and get a full refund! 

If all of these reasons weren't enough, has an awesome program with Operation Smile! Operation Smile is a wonderful organization that helps kids with cleft lip and palate. This year has committed to donate a portion of all proceeds to Operation Smile!

If you are interested in checking out this great site and renting your textbooks, click here!

Disclosure: I will receive a promotional product in exchange for this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are my own!

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