Monday, September 26, 2011

New Squinkies For BOYS!?!?! And we say....

They are a winner!!! Seriously! 

The other day, a GIANT box showed up on our doorstep. We weren't expecting a package that day, so everyone was very curious as to what was inside! 

Check out what we found:

I know right!? 

This is seriously almost every Squinkies toy known to boys!

Did you even know they made Squinkies for boys? Me either?! 

I know that my nieces were head over heels for Squinkies last year at Christmas, but I really thought they were just a girl's toy! Not anymore! 

Look at some of the cool stuff we got to check out: 

So cute, so funny! 

The awesome Skull Cavern Playset!
Tater's Fave? Marvel Squinkies, of course!

Cars 2? MOM loves these!

A close runner up? Army Squinkies of course!! (Or, "tiny Call of Duty Guys", as they have become known around here!)

Tater is in love with these! Blip Toys has really outdone themselves this time around! These are definitely going to be hot this holiday season! I am so glad that we got to get a sneak peak at them! 

And now, we have to add these to our list: 
(This one holds and displays up to 40 Squinkies!)

Tater can play with these little guys for hours! I love to see him create little worlds with them, and have each guy doing his own thing! So cute! The only downfall we have noticed?? Well.. the fat guy? Remember him? 
Yep. That's the one.. Umm.. He.. thinks.. they...are.. (wait for it..) FOOD. Seriously. I have caught him chewing on Squinkies like thirteen trillion times. THEY ARE NOT FOOD! OMG. So, yeah. Make sure you keep them away from small fat babies. Every time I catch him with one, he's going "Mmmmm!".. Really? They are squishy, but they can't be tasty!? So, yeah.. invest in some sort of holding apparatus lol :)

Check out all of the great Squinkies toys for boys here!

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