Monday, August 1, 2011

Strongback Chair Makes Mommy A Happy Camper!

If I had my way, the boys and I would live at camping. Seriously. I wouldn't care at all to live in a little tiny RV, if we could just live there, by the creek and the pool and the campfire! It really is one of my favorite places on Earth! 

The only thing that I could possibly dislike about camping (besides the bugs, and when it rains, and when it's too hot... okay one of the things I dislike.... is the horrid uncomfortable camping chairs that we have. You know, the cheapie little folding camping chairs that are like $5.00 at the dollar store? Yep, those are the bad boys we have. And they are fine. Comfortable even. For about five minutes. Then my back starts to hurt. Yuck. 

When I discovered the Strongback Chair, I was intrigued. The Strongback chair was developed by a young outdoors-man, who was surprised to discover that almost everyone he encountered found typical camping chairs to be uncomfortable. He was on a mission to create a functional, comfortable camping chair that provided back support as well. That is where the Strongback Chair was born! 

When you first open the Stongback chair, you can tell there is something different about it. The way the back is made just looks different from the typical chairs on the market. 

You can tell if you look closely enough, the back of the Zen chair (the one we reviewed) is kind of stuck out. That is the part that supports your back. It really is a super comfy chair! The lumbar support in the back of the chair really makes all the difference. You wouldn't think just that little difference in the way the chair is made would be so helpful, but it really is!

The Strongback chair comes in two different styles right now. The Elite is a bit roomier and sturdier than the Zen. Other than that, they are both the same. You will have the same back support no matter which chair you choose. We received the Zen, and my hubby was super comfy in it, and he is a big guy!

The Strongback Chair is definitely a winner! I can't believe no one thought of this concept sooner! It is such a needed product! I would totally recommend these chairs to anyone, even if you are not camping, but watching sports, hanging out, etc. You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for convenience!

To get your own Strongback Chair, click here! 

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  1. that chair looks goofy lol

    but that being said, might be worth looking into. I've had some serious back issues since I had Nicholas (over 2 years ago), looking forward to trying it myself.


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