Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rock 'N Learn Sight Words DVD review!

Tater was so excited when he got the new Rock 'N Learn Sight Words dvd to review! He is working really hard in Kindergarten on reading, and sight words, so this was perfect for him! 

We have used the Rock 'N Learn dvd's in the past, and we love them! They are catchy, and fun, and they are also entertaining! 

We were really excited to watch this DVD! After watching the dvd just a couple times, Tater could read me the words that were on the front of the dvd, like "up", "down", and "go". I was so proud!

Here are some of the sight words that are covered in the dvd: 

  • up • down • come • go • in • out
  • of • the • a
  • where • is • it • here • there
  • one • two • three • red • yellow • blue • little • big
  • look • see • find
  • run • jump • play • away • and
  • you • I • we • can • make • funny • face • get
  • to • for • me • my • give • from • came • as • are
  • no • not • now • said • help • will
  • he • she • his • her • they • that • was • with • on
I am so proud of Tater for learning these words! He started watching the dvd right before the start of Kindergarten, and now that they are working on spelling and the sight words at school, I can tell a big difference! His teacher says he is doing a wonderful job, and he knows almost all of the words on their flash cards! I can honestly say he didn't know any of these words until he started watching the Sight Words dvd. Thanks again Rock 'N Learn! 

If you would like out any of Rock 'N Learn's extensive collection of dvd's, just click here!

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