Monday, August 1, 2011

Green Pan Review!

Okay guys! I am so excited to share this review with you! 

Let's just start off by saying, I have been using the same pans since hubs and I moved in together seven(!) years ago! They are absolutely disgraceful a little well loved, and I really need some more. 

I can never justify spending so much on a new set of pans, and the different options out there just give me a headache. I just wish pan shopping was simpler. 

But, lucky for me, I got the opportunity to try out a Todd English Collection Green Pan recently! This pan has seriously changed my whole outlook on cooking... I thought I was just a really sucky cook, but apparently, I just have sucky pans!

The Green Pan I reviewed is honestly the nicest pan I have ever used!

But, first, I need to back track... Here's a little bit from Green Pan's site to give you a feel for what they are about:

We are on a mission to help support the global challenges of living in our modern society, by bringing “constainability” (convenience and sustainability) to our products.  ‘Convenient’ as we don’t ask you to change your lifestyle, ‘sustainable’ as we are preserving the natural resources of our planet in a responsible way.

We strongly believe there is enough common sense in the world to realize that there is only one Earth to share and we must protect it.

All over the world people have started to realize that global warming, pollution and the destruction of the environment are major issues for the 21st century. Unfortunately, with some decisions we have to make we don’t always have choices.

We, at GreenPan are committed to provide you with choices by offering you products that really will make a difference for your carbon footprint. You don’t have to change the way you live. We have changed the way products are made.

I love the fact that Todd English Collection Green Pan pans use Thermolon technology instead of PTFE, which has been known to cause nausea and headaches in humans, and can even be lethal to small pets! Green Pan also uses upcyled steel and aluminum in their pans, which I love! 

Thermolon is such a great heat conductor! Everything I cook on this pan browns evenly, and super fast! The best thing I have found for this pan is omelets. It is absolutely the perfect omelet pan, and when you are done, there is NO egg stuck to the pan! Wonderful! 

I also found a lot of great resources on Green Pan's website. They have a great page dedicated to different types of pans, and it really taught me a lot about what to use for what dish.  

If you can't tell, I am really in love with this company! I love their quality products, and I love what they stand for! I am sure you will love them too! To check out The Todd English Collection of  Green Pans , just click here! 

Also, be sure to check out Kitchen Blossom for any of your kitchen needs! 

disclosure: I received the above mentioned product in order to perform a fair and honest review. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation. 

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  1. this is great to read! I have been looking at some of them & we have debated over it for a while. I didn't know anyone that had tried them before though so i was hesitant. Glad to hear you give it your seal of approval =)


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