Monday, August 22, 2011

The Man Moment: Introducing The Killdot!

(You guys probably already know this, but the boys in my house play a LOT of video games. Mostly "first person shooters" like Call Of Duty or Battlefield. So it is a constant thing that I hear "COME ON, I GOT THAT GUY!", "THIS IS BULL, I KILLED YOU!", etc. etc. etc. .... 

Well, if you are like me and would like to put a stop to all the unnecessary video game rage going on in your house... I have found a product that you need to buy your guys! 

Y'all know I suck at explaining things that are manly, so we are gonna let ye old hubs have this one! 

I will be back at the end of this post to add my other two cents, don't worry! )

If you play any First Person Shooter (FPS) games, you guys need to invest in a Killdot. 

 WTF is a Killdot?  Let me explain*, when someone is playing a FPS
game, they are usually playing online.

When a player runs across the screen, you shoot, and usually miss.

But not with killdots. They are a tiny sticker that sits in the very center of the TV screen, creating a reference point to shoot at.

So, instead of running around aiming for someone that in videogame land is three feet away from where you thought they were, they pass across the mark on the screen and you shoot?

Sounds too good to be true right?

Nope, they work, quite well actually!

They are amaizing for quick and no scoping, because the crosshairs are already there, you don't even have to aim down the sights.**

They pass over the killdot, you hit the scope and fire, and WIN!

That simple.
The Killdot provides:
  • Reference point while Run N’ Gunning
  • Freestyle game play
  • Aim without having to zoom
  • No scope shooting
  • Accurate shots while blind firing
  • Able to align shots while taking cover; not having to give up hiding spot
  • Aiming point for grenade tosses
  • Ability to hit specific areas and body parts
People will mod and glitch non stop when it comes to video games.

This is not a mod in any way,
nor are you cheating, but you will be winning in no time.

So, take one tiny little second to head on over to The Killdot site and get a set, under $10 bucks*** for 8 Killdots, sure beats the well over $50 on a good modded controller, and still gives the upper hand, WITHOUT BEING A CHEATER!!!!****

*please do.
 **Don't worry ladies, I have no idea what this means either, but your hubs knows, I am sure!

***These things are cheap! I am all for cheap things that make my boys happy! 
****Mommy does not like cheating. 

Okay, it's mama again. I am so glad that these Killdots made my guys so happy! Video game time (aka every waking second) Is much more pleasant now that there is not so much screaming at the TV! Plus, these things are easy to remove, and don't leave a sticky residue on the TV. We have a really big TV, and I have actually been able to leave the sticker on while we are watching TV, and it doesn't bother me, since it is small! Thanks so much Killdot! I have happy boys once again! 

disclosure: I received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation.

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