Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brush Buddies Make Teeth Brushing Fun!!!

Now that Tater is a "big boy", we are working on helping him develop some healthy habits. One of the biggest, and hardest ones for him to manage, is brushing his teeth. He DOES it, but he doesn't do it good enough, or long enough.. I have been looking for a way to help him with this issue. He absolutely HATES it when I brush his teeth for him, it even makes him gag and choke!

Now, add the fact that he has to get up at 6AM for school, and you have one unhappy camper! I have been trying to find ways to make his morning routine a little more fun! And now I have found something else to add to my "fun mornings" regime!

Brush Buddies are awesome educational talking toothbrushes for kids! The toothbrushes come in fun animal shapes, and with the push of a button, they start talking! They talk your children through the brushing process for the full two minutes that dentists recommend!

We received two of the Talking Brush Buddies! We got Moo Reece (the cow) and Swingin Sammy (the monkey). The boys immediately fell in love with these! After MUCH deliberation, Tater ended up with the monkey and Bean ended up with the cow.. (Quite fitting, if you ask me! LOL) The boys are absolutely loving their new toothbrushes! The only problem that I can see is that when Bean's toothbrush starts singing, he is too busy laughing and giggling to let me brush his teeth! It's so cute!

Aren't they cute!?!

And if your kids are out of the talking toothbrush phase, maybe this would be a little more up their alley:

This is the awesome new Justin Bieber singing toothbrush! Isn't it cute!?! I got one of these to review for my niece and she is in love with it. (Well I am pretty sure she is... I keep getting all these messages like "OMG da JB toothbrush is sooooo cooollll! TY TY ILU!") lol... I think this is a pretty cool idea for getting older kids to brush their teeth properly as well. They actually have an entire Justin Bieber line that includes not only the singing toothbrushes, but also kids and adult toothbrushes, floss and flossers, and travel kits! Pretty Cool!

Thanks so much Brush Buddies for helping us make a dreaded morning routine a little better!

To check out all the cool Brush Buddies products, just click here!

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