Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whose Blog Is It, Anyway?

Okay, so the hot topic flying around right now is "Bloggers Blogging For Free", and "Blogging For A Chance To Win" and all the reasons why you shouldn't do either of those things... 

I usually refrain from commenting on things that can get people pissed, such as politics, religion, social issues, etc.. I know that I usually have a very different opinion than most people on, well pretty much every issue, but I feel like I need to speak out about this one. 

I recently participated in the Mom Blogger's Club and Master Lock campaign. This campaign was for the first 100 bloggers, to receive a Master Lock and a $10 Visa Gift Card.

So, here's the deal, people. 

Maybe I'm not a "professional" blogger like a lot of others. I try really hard to be professional, to build close and long lasting relationships with the companies I work with. I have worked hard to get each and every reader that I have, and it might not be 10% of the readers that a lot of other mom bloggers have. But I do cherish and appreciate every single one. 

I don't get invites to special VIP events. I don't get (many) exclusive review ops from big name companies. I don't get to go to blogger conferences, or anything like that. I don't have buyers for ad space, I don't do many sponsored posts.   When I do get ops, I get to review a product. I don't get to review a product, along with a $250 gift card. I sure as hell wish that I did. Believe me, things would be a lot better in the Flip Out Mama homestead if that were the case.

Here's the real deal: I'm poor. Like, as in, struggle to pay our bills before the cut off poor.  As in sometimes, I don't have the gas to get to work poor. But, I love blogging. It is truly my passion, and one of very few things in my life that I have found that I am good at.

So, when I get an email asking me to write a simple, easy post, and I see that there are only a handful of posts in front of me, I do it. Because, for me and my family, that $10.00 Visa Gift Card has endless possibilities: School supplies for my big boy? A pizza and Redbox for a special family night? Gas so mommy can get to work? A pack of diapers when there aren't any more? 

As you can see, $10.00 might not be jack to you, but to my family, it could really mean a lot. So, please, please, don't judge me for the decisions that I make on my blog. If I had the means and the readers and the traffic that a lot of other mom bloggers do (and believe me, I'm trying, til 2am most nights!) I wouldn't have to "blog for a chance to win". I hope that eventually I will get to that point and be able to pick and choose the opportunities that I get to take for my family. Maybe one day my boys and I can go on a vacation. Maybe Mommy will be able to let her guard down and not be worried about money for one minute of the day. But until, then, I have to do what I have to do. 

So please don't judge me. I am not trying to make other Mom bloggers look bad, or make other mom bloggers think that they should work for free. I think of it as paving my way, working my way up to bigger and better things. Because, sometimes yall, beggars just can't be choosers.


  1. I can't believe people would be judgemental about that…shame on them. You do what you do…if someone offered me $10 for a blog something, I would be very inclined to give iit a whirl. Sometimes those Big Girls forget their beginnings ;-)

  2. Well said. :) This is short and sweet as you touched base on pretty much every topic I could add any input on. I love that you don't sugar coat all your blog posts. Being a mom and wife isn't always fun and easy. I love your honesty and maybe not everyone will appreciat it, but that's good. Otherwise your blog would be just like all the rest. Keep up the great work!


  3. I think blogging for $10 is fine, and I do the same thing. I always post for items that I get to review. If someone wants me to review their product but I don't get one to try and I don't get money, then I turn it down. I think we each need to do what is right for us, but also some of the bigger bloggers want you to realize that you are working for free if you blog for a chance to win. I don't like to write about controversial stuff either, and I am not judging you or bashing you! I just want to give you something to consider. If you aren't getting anything in return (like no product, but you can possibly win something), then there is a good chance you aren't going to get anything. What you are doing is working, so would you work for free? If you went into your work and your boss said I only have enough $ to pay 1 person this week, if you work I will put your name in the hat and you might get paid. What would you do? Turn around and go home, right? I think that's what some bloggers are trying to point out. But yes! But your blog, your rules. As I grew my rules have changed for sure, and as I found out others were being paid I started requesting it. There are some companies that pay and review, and others don't. As long as I get something (like a product or $) I consider that payment for my time.

  4. Great post! I have written about why you shouldn't blog for a chance to win or for free but I don't think it was coming from a judgmental place but more of a you are worth more place. With that said I sometimes blog for icing lol because 1) I wouldn't buy it and 2) it makes a good recipe post for Stumble Upon. I am a firm believer in each blogger doing what's best for their family! You sound pretty smart so I'm sure you can decipher what's worth blogging about and for on your own blog!

  5. Nice post and I totally agree. Each blogger needs to do what is right for them. Blogging is work, and yes it would be nice if we all got paid well for it. Reality is, especially in the beginning you have to sometimes take what you can get. The better opps come with time, but pick and choose what is right for you. And hey.. I did the this $10 opp too!

  6. I feel like you're talking about two different things, though. Truly blogging for free equals no product, no link back, no gift card, no payment. $10 sure is payment even if some folks don't think it's much.

    And I'm not sure that the judgment is being passed on bloggers who even blog for a chance because I think we all are feeling the pinch some days. So even if you're participating for a chance to win something because it'll help your family, who are we to judge?

    But I'd like to think that most of the judgment is going out to these companies who are holding these events which are really contests or giveaways but calling them PR or sponsored posts and limiting them only to bloggers who sometimes have to do some pretty extreme legwork just to get entered and then the companies think it's okay to lay claim to work the bloggers do in the name of the event and so on and so forth and that? Is just douchey and unacceptable and if we can afford to stand up to it as bloggers, we MUST.


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