Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Surviving The School Year (well, sort of..)

For this post, I am supposed to write about how to survive the school year with ease. The bad thing is, I have no idea how to do that!

We are starting Kindgergarten this year and this will be our first "real" school year. 

So here are the things we are going to try to do to keep it as peaceful as possible. 

Bedtime, Bedtime Bedtime! 

For us, this will be one of the hardest things to conquer. Mr. Tater likes to stay up til around eleven, and sleep til 10! Not anymore! 
I think this will be one of the key things for us in getting on a good routine for school. 

In our household, this means we are going to have to get to work on getting the boys' their own rooms rather than sharing, b/c the small one really likes to wake the big one up in the middle of the night! 


Whatever it takes! I'm talking clothes out the night before, homework done, backpack ready, lunch packed, keys laid out. Whatever it takes to get out the door in one piece! I'm a pretty good planner, so I think we should have this one down!

Talk to The Teacher

I think this is a really important one that a lot of parents don't think about. It is really important to stay in contact with your kid's teacher, even if it is only through email. You need to know what your child is struggling in, when they are doing good at something, if they are having a hard time adjusting, whatever it may be. They may not tell you these things, so the teacher is the window that you will need to see what's going on!

Talk to your Kid
Is there something your child is concerned about? Make sure the lines of communication are always open so that your child will be likely to tell you if he or she is having a hard time in a certain class, or with other kids, etc. If your child feels like they can't talk to you about this stuff, you will likely never know about it.

Well, folks.. These are the best back to school tips that I have as a amateur. Hopefully by next year I will be a pro!

I wrote this post in conjuction with Masterlock and The Mom Bloggers Club. Check out Masterlock on Facebook here and see all the great tips they have for going back to school!

disclosure: I wrote this post as participation in a back to school prize pack giveaway as a Member of The Mom Bloggers Club. 

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  1. Good luck to Tater in kindergarten!
    A week or 10 days before the beginning of the school year we always started making sure our son got into the routine of going to bed at an earlier time. Kids need a lot more sleep than most of them get.
    Check his backpack frequently for papers he may have forgotten to give you. We tried to fill out permission slips, emergency contact forms, etc. as soon as they came home so they could go right back to school.
    Oh, and he's starting his 2nd year of college next month!


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