Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bright Starts Grab 'N Stack Blocks Review!

Bright Starts has been one of my favorite baby brands for about five years now.. Ever since Tater was born, I was drawn to their colorful, quality, adorable baby products. I have always loved them as a brand, and I was super excited when I recently got the chance to work with them! 
I received the super cute Grab 'N Stack Blocks for review! I knew these would be perfect for Bean! He has recently taken to trying to stack up Tater's wooden blocks, only to be bored within minutes and decide to hurl wooden blocks at the heads of anyone near by!! So, I knew at least with the Grab 'N Stack Blocks, I would be safer! 

Look at this cute little baby playin' with the Grab 'N Stack Blocks! No, this is not my Bean, he would probably be screaming if he was in this picture! 

He really liked these blocks! I liked the fact that there were four of them. Enough to stack and play with, but not enough that there are blocks everywhere so you can't even walk.. (Tater and is 599 piece army man set, anyone?) 

Bean really liked them because they made noise. They all have different textures and make different rattling, crinkly, noises. He was really cute trying to figure out what in the hell was making the sounds! 

Each block has a different number, letter, and animal on it, so he can actually learn when he's playing with them, when he gets a little bigger, of course. I also like how affordable these blocks are! Only $10.99 on the Bright Starts Website! 

You can't beat that! 

Bright Starts has so many other great baby items, I just can't finish this review without showing you a few of my favorites: 

Cute!!! I know right! 

How about another? 

Awww! Ok, ok, just one more! 

Sigh. Love it. Okay, you are free to go! A big thanks to Bright Starts for providing me with this review product and giving me a chance to drool at my favorite baby stuff! 

disclosure: I was provided with the above mentioned product in order to conduct a review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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