Friday, June 10, 2011

The Worst Part Of Being A Mom.

Okay, so we all talk all the time about how much we love being moms, how much we love our kids, how great they are etc. But, let's face, raising kids is a freakin' hard job. 

So, today, I ask the question, what is the WORST part of being a mom for you? The dirty diapers? Midnight feedings? Never again having time for friends? Getting a Mini Van? 

Let's be honest! 

For me, the worst part of being my boys' mom, is not having my own.
As you may know, my boys don't have either set of grandparents. 
My hubby and I are it for them.
That is the worst part for me. I feel like I am depriving my children of that special bond. 
I hate explaining why they don't have a grandma and grandpa.
I hate that the conversation always turns into talking about death.
I feel like I am talking about their dead grandparents all the time.
I hate feeling that my kids are different than other kids. 
I hate not having parents to take them to so I can have a date night once a year, or hell, even a nap!
I hate that there are no family cookouts, no parties, no traditions with extended family any more since my parents are gone. 
I hate that even though they have cousins, they wouldn't know them if they passed them on the street. 

It is so hard to explain to them. And not fair to them at all. 

So for me, the worst part of being a mom is not having my parents here. 

What about you guys? 

I am curious to know, what are your struggles as a mom? 

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  1. Our situations are different, but I agree with you 100%. My paternal family lives about 30-45 minutes away, but they have nothing to do with us (it's a race thing). My dad and grandma come over occasionally, but my husband and I NEVER have a date night. It's hard to explain to my kids why they aren't welcome to their grandma's house or why none of my family down here want to see them.


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