Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Fun: Simple Garden Giveaway

Okay, so you know how sometimes you just see a product/company and fall in love with it instantly? That has happened to me several times, but this time I am head over heels for a company after my own heart. 

I am absolutely in love with the folks from Simple Garden. They make home gardening one of the simplest things I have ever seen! 

A few years ago, we had a garden. Big, giant, probably taking up 1/4 acre or so. I loved it, and all the wonderful veggies we had, but it was too much. Too hot, too weedy, too hard to keep up with. It was just out of my control. So, since then, aside from a few little plants on the back porch, I haven't done any gardening. 

Enter Simple Garden. 

Simple Garden is part of Fertile Earth. They are a company that focuses on products that make landscaping and plant care easier, more cost effective, and more Earth friendly. 
I received two of the above Simple Garden kits. I was like a little kid at Christmas when I opened the giant package and found all these goodies inside! I really couldn't believe that this package contained everything needed to grow cherry tomatoes and basil. Everything. And it comes in a ton of amazing different colors! Love it!

Okay, the first part is my favorite! You get this little block, and it is actually potting mix  that is pressed into this little square! It is the cutest thing ever, and I really wish I could buy potting mix like this at the store. It would be so much easier to carry home!

You simply add water to the pot and the block of potting mix, letting all the water soak up. The water is absorbed and the potting mix expands. You just have to use your hands to break it apart, and Viola!  There is your potting mix!

Then, you take this handy little cardboard planting guide and lay it across the top. This is such a great idea! It tells you exactly where to place your seeds to get maximum results! I love this idea! It is actually called the Planting Template, but I call it genius!

And, then... you plant your seeds! You stick two or three seeds down in each hole, and... wait for it.. You use the seed stick to make sure they are planted to the appropriate depth that is on the seed package. The seed stick tells you exactly how far to push your seeds down into the soil! These people are brilliant, I am telling you!

And then, you wait!

Tater and I had a great time planting our Simple Garden! It was a lot of fun to do together, and made for a great family activity. He was sooo happy when just a few days later, his seeds began to sprout! He has been diligently checking them every day, and can't wait to post pictures of his plants! I am very impressed with the quality of this product. They really have thought of everything, and it is one of the most innovative gardening tools I have ever seen! I love this thing!
And, if you want to baby your plants (of course you do!), you can pick up the Simple Garden Green House Lid to help indoor plants germinate, or to protect outdoor seedlings from the elements!

Are you a really dedicated gardener? Show your plants how much you truly care!
This is the LiteStik! You can use it to put plants in rooms where you normally wouldn't be able to, due to lack of light. The LiteStik is awesome! It even has a sensor that turns it on when lights get low!
And, one more awesome way to love your plants, the WaterStik! This super cool innovation tells you with just a quick glance if your plants need water, or if you (like me) tend to over-water! The WaterStik has a multi-colored LED which tells you the status of your plant. Another amazing invention!

Wanna try your hand at a simple garden? How about a Simple Garden Junior Herb Garden???
That's right, the fine folks at Fertile Earth are going to be giving away 3 of the Simple Garden Junior Herb Kits!

There will be THREE winners for this giveaway!

Grand Prize!! 
One Simple Garden Junior Herb Kit + One WaterStik!!

TWO First Prizes!!
One Simple Garden Junior Herb Kit for each winner! 


**Mandatory Entry**
Tell me why you would like to win! 
(do you have a brown thumb?)
(need something to help you garden indoors?) 
Tell me about it! 

Extra Entries! 
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This giveaway will end on 6/16/2011 at approx 10pm EST. Winners will be chosen via and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification or an alternate winner will be chosen. Winners shipping info will be forwarded to the sponsoring company, who will be in charge of prize fulfillment. I am not responsible for prizes that are lost, damaged, or otherwise not received.

Good luck everyone!

disclosure: I was provided with a sample product in order to conduct this review. Even though a sample product was received, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received. 


  1. I would like to win as I love growing herbs and veggies!

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