Monday, February 28, 2011

Baby Shower Bash: Lil Remedies!

Little Remedies is the next sponsor of our Baby Shower Bash! This is one of my favorite brands out there! They make products for tons of different childhood discomforts such as runny noses, colds, gas, constipation and teething. All of their products are safe, and free of unnecessary additives such as saccharin, alcohol, artificial flavors, dyes and harmful preservatives. 
They have so many different products! Their newest products include a fever/pain reducer, a honey elixir for cough and sore throats, fiber gummies, a pain relieving spray, and even cradle cap lotion! 

They also make a great gripe water that is good for babies!This is extremely useful in treating colic, and even hiccups!
My favorite product however, is probably the Stuffy Nose Kit. It includes a nasal aspirator and a package of the saline nose drops. This is great even for tiny babies!

As you can see, Little Remedies has so many different options to help your little ones find relief! They are a great company, and they are always having different contests, giveaways, etc.. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news! 

A Big Thanks To Little Remedies for sponsoring us!

disclosure: I received sample products in exchange for this post. Although sample products were received, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was given.

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