Thursday, January 27, 2011

Review: Make Your Own Gummies kit from Glee Gum!

If you know anything about my Tater, it is that he is a candy freak. I mean really. When we got our tax return and I asked him what he would pick if I told him he could buy anything, whatever he wanted his answer was: "candy worms."

I mean really?
So when we had the opportunity to review a Make Your Own Candy Kit from Glee Gum, I jumped at the chance.

We chose (of course) the Make Your Own Gummy Candy Kit.
He was SO pumped to get to try this!
When I first opened the package, and started reading the instructions, I was a little intimidated..There seemed to be a lot of steps, and I was kind of nervous....

But, as it turns out, there was no need to be! It really was easy!

I took some pictures along the way, but I am not going to lie, parts of this process are not exactly terribly photogenic, so I chose to leave some of them out.

I was really surprised to learn that the gummies were made using seaweed. Real seaweed, yep, that ocean-y stuff.
I had no idea what the hell seaweed had to do with making gummy candy until Glee Gum taught me about it! Turns out, there are natural gelling ingredients found in seaweed (carrageenan and agar), and that is what makes the gummies "gummy". I totally learned something from this review!
 The first step is to actually take the dried seaweed out and place it in a bowl of water to soak.

Then you make the molds. You can use pretty much anything around the house that you can find that is kind of deep, and will make a detailed shape. When I read the instructions to Tater and they said you could use your fingers, there was no turning  back. We couldn't even look around for other "molds".

The next step is mixing together the other ingredients and microwaving them. This is pretty fun because it gets foamy and weird looking. You actually microwave it with that piece of  seaweed inside, and then take the seaweed out at the end.

Then you just have to pour the stuff (gel?) into the molds, and put them in the microwave until they get firm. After that, you just pop them out of the molds and, viola! Your own gummies! They even included some sour sprinkly stuff to put on top. This was much to Tater's delight!

One thing I really liked about this kit is that you can re-use the powder stuff that you make the molds out of. You just flatten it out and start over. That way, as long as you have the gel stuff left, you can keep creating more! The box says it makes the equivilant of 15 gummy candies, but we got more than that. (Tater's fingers are small lol!)

I was really pleased with the result of the Make Your Own Gummies Kit from Glee Gum! It was a nice change of pace and it was really fun to actually have something to "do" together. Glee Gum also has a Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit and a Make Your Own Chocolate Kit that I am looking forward to trying with Tater soon!

If you've never heard of Glee Gum, they are a great company that makes chewing gum with no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners! Their gum is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and nut free, and is proudly made in the USA! Theirs is the only gum made with chicle', which helps conserve the rainforests! I love the fact that their gum is made with all natural ingredients! This is a company that can really be proud of what they are doing for the enviroment and for their customers!

Thanks Glee Gum for letting us try your awesome products!

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample products in order to conduct this review. Although a sample product was received, all opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received. Cmon Now, that's not how I roll! ;)

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