Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Moment Fail.

 It was a day, much like any other day. 
A family, just like any other family, was making a gingerbread house. 
(The packaged kind, that's how they roll.)

They were almost all done with the outside. 
 It was a lovely moment of family togetherness.

Look, even a little Santa with a sleigh. 

And then, without warning. It happened. 

A little boy, tried to get powdered sugar off the counter. 

He wanted to make "snow" on the roof. 
And this is what happened next. 
(Note the shame. He needed to cover his eyes.)
Here is a more detailed look. 
And just like that, 
Another family moment ruined by sugar. 
A second bath of the day ensued. 



  1. LOL! That is often how the cooking projects with my girls turn out!!

  2. Sorry I'm late to the party!
    Awww, Dawn, this looks more like a lasting family memory than a fail to me!!! Yes, baking with my son & letting him decorate the sugar cookies was horribly messy but he remembers the fun part.


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