Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: Imagination Box Company

It's a fact that every parent knows to be true. No matter what gift is inside, 9 times out of 10, your little one is going to end up playing with, none other than the box! I must admit that most of my favorite childhood memories, are of playing with this giant refrigerator box that was in our basement. Ahh, good times! 
Imagination Box Company is bringing back those good times with their 100% recyclable toys. They have several different toys to choose from, from a barn to a castle tower, even a schoolhouse or a cottage. 

All of Imagination Box Company's toys are American Made green toys. The toys are printed inside and out with designs hand drawn by the company owners. The toys are paintable, and each come with their own set of washable, non toxic paints. You can also use markers, stickers or crayons, whatever you prefer. Imagination Box Company's toys are great for playing alone or with a group! 

We received the schoolhouse to review. This was a perfect choice since Tater is Oh So Obsessed with school lately! 
The schoolhouse is adorable! It even has a recycling center! 
How cute is that?!?!

We haven't painted our house yet. We are waiting until after Thanksgiving, and after Tater gets rid of some of his old toys to get ready for Christmas. I must admit, the giant schoolhouse on top of the fridge has been a great motivator for him lol!!! He has been as good as gold so he doesn't mess up his chance of getting to paint "a whole entire school" as he said! :) I am also pretty excited to paint this little cutie, and I think he will really have fun with it after it is decorated too. He has a bunch of "little guys", ( I actually think they are like Weebles or something) that will be perfect to play in here! Even though we haven't painted our schoolhouse yet, I wanted you guys to see some pictures of a finished one!

Don't you just love it!?

I also love the entire concept of Imagination Box Company. Kim and Russ Cash created their company as a way to provide creative, eco friendly, recyclable toys for their children. They toys were such a hit with everyone, Imagination Box Company was born! I also love the fact that their toys are assembled by Panhandle Special Needs, Inc., which is an organization in their hometown which helps teach people with special needs valuable skills.

I love that Kim and Russ are so environmentally conscious! They live in a Yurt in northern Idaho where they use solar power, and live a sustainable lifestyle! I love their whole outlook and feel great supporting such a responsible company!

Thanks again to Kim and Russ at Imagination Box Company for the opportunity to review one of their products! And, check back after Turkey day for some pics of our completed schoolhouse!

To order your own Imagination Box Company Playhouse, click here!

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