Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smelly Washer Review

I know we've all been down this road. You open up your washer to do a load of never ending laundry, and BAM! all of sudden, this is you:
It's okay, no shame! We've all been there before. But not anymore. Pretty soon you can look down on people with stinky washers just like I do now.

The answer? Smelly Washer Cleaner. Simple enough for ya?

Smelly Washer is an all natural cleaner for your washing machine. It can also be used to clean smelly towels that have been sitting in your smelly washing machine.

Watch this video and learn more:
(It's for businesses, but it teaches you a lot!)

I love the fact that it's all natural! I also love that you get 24 applications in one bottle! That is really awesome! 

I also love that Top Loading washing machines don't usually stink as bad as front loaders. That makes me love my old school washer lol! 

I tried Smelly Washer as soon as we received it, and I am happy to report that it really does work! I was disappointed ( I think, maybe?!?) that I didn't see crap floating on the top of the washer like I read on the testimonials, but they said that only happens in really bad cases, so I guess I should be glad!

I have also been using Smelly Washer in my laundry loads with my towels that already had that mildewy smell, and they seem much better! I am so glad I discovered Smelly Washer, because I was getting ready to through them all away lol! 

Like I said, 24 uses in one bottle for around $16.00. You really can't beat that if you have a Smelly Washer problem, because we all know how gross it is. Now go get some so we can make fun of people whose washers still stink! :) 

Thanks Smelly Washer for letting me try your product!!

disclosure: I was sent a sample product to try in order to conduct my review. No monetary compensation was given, a non smelly washer is payment enough! Also, all opinions are mine, and no one brainwashed me for this review.

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