Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making Traditions with Your Kids.

I've talked about it before, but I really struggle with raising my kids without their grandparents. I can't help but feel that they are missing out in life.

I think that's why I feel like it is so important to make traditions and memories with my kids that they will always remember.

I feel like I have been really slacking on this recently. I have been so overwhelmed with work, blogging, keeping the house clean. I don't know why I can't chill out on the house cleaning thing, but I just can't relax when it's a mess.

I feel like with the holiday season coming up, it's time to get my focus back and  look at the big picture more. Sometimes I feel like we are just doing the day-to-day, school, cleaning, blogging, work, home.. and nobody REALLY connecting, you know?

I want to change that. I don't feel like I am reaching my full potential as a mommy to these boys. I want to have fun with them, do things that they will remember forever. Not just watching TV and hanging out.

This is where I need you guys...  I don't know how  to make traditions with my boys. We go to the pumpkin patch in the fall, and this year Tater will have his first Fall Festival Carnival at school, so that will be something.... We try to have a family movie night, and make pizza together, but I need more ideas. I am not being the fun mommy that I know I can be, that I want to be. ...

I don't remember things like this when I was younger, and I know BD doesn't either. My parents were older, almost 50 when I was born, and they didn't drive or anything. We pretty much never left the house. We never took vacations, or did anything together. I pretty much played alone most of the time. I don't want my boys to grow up like that...

So, please... Give me some ideas of things we can do together to make memories... Also any tips or tricks you have about making "quality time".... I'm tired of feeling like we're just "exisitng.." Thanks ladies :)


  1. Fall time is my favorite time of year there's so much to do! I recently took my little one apple picking and we had a blast! (here is the link to my post about it....
    you could also make a scarecrow together to put in your front yard using leaves & old clothes, the smell from baking is also a perfect way to warm up a house in the fall! Bake apple crisp, pumpking pie or cookies together! Go on a hayride or to a corn maze. Have fun!! :)

  2. We have yearly traditions:

    Easter egg hunts
    apple picking in Sept
    driving to see Christmas lights in December
    weekend roadtrips
    every June we go to the same comic convention


  3. Most of the things we did cost little or nothing. Playing in big piles of crunchy leaves or picking apples was always fun for all of us.
    When my son was younger he loved Thomas the Tank Engine. One year I brought home some copier paper boxes from work and we spent several hours making a Thomas costume. He had a lot of fun helping. Other years we'd buy pumpkins and paint them. He'd always help me make cookies during the holidays-he'd do the cookie cutting and the sugar sprinkling. Yes, it was messy and a lot would end up on the floor. We also made ornaments using fabric paint and glitter. Yeah, that was messy, too. But so what?? How many kids grow up with fond childhood memories of a super clean house??


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