Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gruene Steam Cleaner Review- Freakin' Awesome!

Okay, I know I've said it before, over and over, but really, I don't think I have ever been as excited for a review as I was for this one. 

I have wanted a Steam Mop for, well, forever, but I am a)too cheap, and b) too skeptical to buy one. So, when I got the chance to review a Gruene Steam Cleaner, ahhh... Bliss! 

My Gruene Steam Mop Cleaner arrived super fast, and in perfect condition. 
Upon opening it, I was a bit nervous, as I usually am, about putting it together. I am always afraid I am going to break something when I try to assemble it myself. 

But, I am happy to report it was super easy. Pretty much there are three pieces that just kind of snap together. Easy Peasey! 

Now, one of my favorite things about the Gruene Steam Cleaner is that you can use any household terry or microfiber pad with it. You don't have to buy any special kind of "steam cleaner" pad, whatever you have around the house will work. I hate buying a mop, only to have to buy special pads and special cleaners to go with it. Not this time!

Also, the Gruene Steam Cleaner uses water (duh.) But just water. Nothing else. No special cleaners, just straight out of the tap water. I was a little skeptical about this at first, I didn't know if I would be happy with just water cleaning my floors. I was afraid I would miss that "clean" smell of all my usual cleaners. But, all you do is fill up the tank with water straight out of the tap.

The Gruene Steam Cleaner has an extra long cord, which is very nice. I feel kind of stupid saying this, but it has a very nice cord. It is really a heavy duty cord, and long enough to reach whatever you are trying to do without having to unplug and move it a thousand times. It also heats up very fast, probably only like 30 seconds, and the little light came on saying it was ready. 

I started with the kitchen floor, since it is always the worst. We are talking chocolate milk spills, baby puke, and dog slop. And that's just from one day! As soon as pulled the trigger on the steam cleaner, it emitted that "swooshing" sound, just like an iron, and steam started pouring out. And the stains started to disappear. Just by running the steam cleaner over the floor, seriously. It just melted all the crap away. I was so pumped! 
I was so impressed by the Gruene Steam Cleaner, I went ahead and cleaned all the floors! And, I only had to refill the tank two times! So, yeah, it lasted a long time without having to refill! I love the fact that the Gruene Steam Cleaner sanitizes the floors, too. This will really help when Bean starts crawling, I won't have to worry about the nastiness that will meet his mouth! 

I was happy with the Gruene Floor Cleaner itself, but it has an added bonus. It is also a full, top of the line handheld steam cleaner. You just snap the middle portion off, and there ya go! The handheld cleaner comes with tons of attachments, making it useful for literally every room in your house. 

There is a squeegee tool that you can use on windows, mirrors, glass top tables, etc. Also included is a garment hand tool that you can use for clothes or curtains. It even takes the stains out of mattresses! There is also a 3 piece nylon brush set that you can use on just about anything. I loved using it on our bathroom tile! The wire brush was probably the favorite around our house. When BD found out how perfect it was for cleaning golf clubs, he stole it from me! There is also a scraper nozzle that is supposed to be the shit for removing wallpaper! And the jet and elbow nozzles are perfect for hard to reach spots like around the toilet. 

I honestly could not be any happier with the Gruene Steam Cleaner. I love the fact that I can use my own towels, and plain water, to make it affordable. I love the cord, even! I love the fresh "ironed clothes" smell that it gives my house. I love that I don't have to use a mop and bucket anymore. I love that I can clean around the toilet easier. I love the rubber mat that you sit it on so your floor doesn't get wet when your not using it! I love love love everything about the Gruene Steam Cleaner! 

Thank you so much Gruene Folks! I have never been more impressed with a cleaning product before! 

disclosure: I received a sample product in order to conduct this review. Although I received a product, all opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was given. That's not how I roll!

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