Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zubels Review

Finally, my little Bean is becoming big enough to play with toys. I am so glad! I have started to think a little more about toys this time around than I did with Tater. I am thinking more about toys that are eco-friendly, toys that are safe, different, better. "Green" toys were never even on my radar with Tater, so they are kind of new to me. 

Zubels Monkey Boy Borris 12-inch Hand-Knit Doll
And then I found Zubels.

Zubels are hand knit toys made with 100% organic cotton yarn. They are super soft, and have no parts that could potentially come off and hurt baby. Zubels are safe for babies from birth on up! They are brightly colored, and all the dyes used are eco-friendly and low impact.

Zubels are made by the family owned Renzo Company, who has been in business for over 30 years. It is their commitment to making eco-friendly toys to be cherished and loved by children of all ages that makes the Renzo Company so special. 

Zubels have TONS of styles and sizes, and lots of different characters. You can pick one to fit your babies personality.
Zubels Mermaid Penny 24-inch Hand-Knit DollZubels Lion Leonard 12-inch Hand-Knit DollZubels Dog Bruno 12-inch Hand-Knit DollZubels Fireman Frank 12-inch Hand-Knit DollZubels Horse Wilson 12-inch Hand-Knit DollZubels Fishing bear Norman 12-inch Hand-Knit Doll

I could keep going, because they are all soo adorable!! I am planning on getting more of these for Bean for Christmas, because, as you can see below, Zubels got the Fat Bean Seal of Approval:

Thanks so much Zubels, for letting my little Fat Bean try your wonderful products! You have a new fan for life!
Get Your Own! Zubels has tons of other characters that I didn't show you, including holiday characters, hand puppets, Dumbell Rattles, Wooden Ring rattles and teethers, and much much more. To take a look at Zubels online catalog, just click here!

*Disclosure: Although I received free products in order to facilitate my review, all opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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