Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little Looster Review.

Well, here we go again. Another one of those awesome freakin products that I missed out on with Tater and am just now discovering. Its Okay, y'all are used to it :) Today we're gonna talk about the Little Looster. The Little Looster is a step-stool type thingy that literally wraps around the toilet for your kids to use when their feeties don't reach the floor. It is wonderful!

Tater may be 4 and a half, but he is a super shrimp! He is very short for his age, thanks alot BD, and his feet still don't reach the floor when he's on the potty. Needless to say, he usually sits on the toilet with the death grip holding on to the side of it so he doesn't fall off... Not anymore!

He was so excited when this package came! He said, "somebody sent me a step, cause they knew I couldn't reach!" LOL!

*Note: These are not Tater's feet. He flipped out when I tried to take a picture of him on the toilet with the Looster. Even though he had pants on. Lol. *

What Mama Thinks: 
The Looster fits perfectly around the toilet, and BD and I can still use the potty with it there. It isn't in the way, and we don't constantly have to move it. What a great idea! Even though Tater is bigger now, I'm sure he will get lots of use out of the Little Looster, and don't forget, that Fat Baby will be pottying someday :)

Thanks so much to Monica @ Little Looster, for not only sending us the Looster to review, but for inventing it as well! You Rock!

Get Your Own! To get your own Little Looster potty stool, click here. And make sure you click here to see the amazing evolution of the Little Looster!

*disclosure: I received a potty stool to perform this review. That is all, no cash, nada. All opinons are mine :)

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