Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Balloonatiks DVD Review

So, the other day was a bad day. We don't have regular TV, and our Netflix wasn't working. So, Tater had NOTHING to watch. Normally, this would not be a big deal, since I don't really like him watching TV that much, but since preschool has started, he is sooo exhausted and cranky, constantly. He refuses to take a nap anymore, so laying down on the couch with a movie is as close as I can get.

Then I remembered the Balloonatiks dvd we received. Talk about a lifesaver! I popped it in the dvd player, and my cranky ass little boy was enthralled. More importantly, quiet. He watched the whole thing, and asked me to start it over when it was done! Ahh, bliss! :) Thanks Balloonatiks guys! 

I'm really glad he enjoyed the Balloonatiks DVD, and not just for my much needed mommy break. It really is a cute little movie. The actors who do the voices are pretty big names as far as that stuff goes. There is Mark Hamill, who from what I understand is pretty much the go-to choice for voice artists, Debi Derryberry (the voice of Jimmy Neutron, and Billy West, who voices several characters on Futurama. The Balloonatiks theme song is performed by Ray Parker, Jr. , as in the guy that wrote the Ghostbusters theme song. 

The Balloonatiks are five ordinary teens who were mysteriously transformed into balloons, each with special powers based on their personalities. Flator is the school jock, and his power is growing to enormous sizes. Airbrain is the smart kid, and he can use his giant head into a hot air balloon. Squeeker is the pretty popular cheerleader, and her high pitched cheers can paralyze the bad guys. Sparky is the activist of the group, and uses lightning bolts to stop the bad guys. Bouncer is the class clown, and can turn into a ball and bounce anywhere. They really are a pretty cute group!

The Balloonatiks have an extensive catalog of products including two paperbacks, a series of comic books and games,as well as many other products. Balloonatiks products can be purchased at

Thanks Balloonatix folks!

Disclosure: I was provided with a DVD for this review. No monetary compensation was given, all opinions are my own.

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