Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adorable Invitations @ The Party Starts Here!

I was recently introduced to an adorable party invitation site, called The Party Starts Here. They have all sorts of invitations, including bridal, baby shower, holiday and kids parties. 

The Party Starts Here was started to help put together the missing link that exists when ordering invitations. You could either choose between the hands-on attention of a brick & mortar party store, or the convenience of click and go on the internet. combines the two, personalizing your designs, adding little details, even helping with wording and party tips. You can even get custom invitations if you don't see anything you like on the site. They also have a "no stress party plan" option that allows to address, stuff and mail your invitations directly to your guests! That's what I'm talking about! 

What Mama Thinks: 
I absolutely HATE ordering invitations at a party store, so I really like the concept of this company. They have really cute designs, a lot of which are exclusive to their site. I also like the fact that you don't get your invitations until you have seen a proof and approved them! That is very helpful! I think we will be using them when the boys have their giant birthday blowout next year! 
Disclosure: I received a sample of the product to facilitate my review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Talk To The Turtle Feng Shui Jewelry: Review

As the "Official Flip Out Mama", It probably wouldn't hurt me at all to learn a little bit about Feng Shui . Y'all know I could afford to find a lil peace in my life! :) Lucky for me, Talk To The Turtle has made it easy. Talk To The Turtle is Inspirational Jewelry featuring the nine life paths of Feng Shui. 

From The Site:
The story goes that 4000 years ago an honorable turtle was found resting on a water’s edge in China. His gift was to share all his understanding of Feng Shui.

Now you can feel the gift of the turtle in your own life. Whether you are looking for inspirational jewelry or an affirmation tool, or simply love the quirky beauty of it, this silver charm becomes a part of your life.

Talktotheturtle jewelry charms are beautifully crafted tags emblazoned with the positive words inspired by the nine life-paths of Feng Shui philosophy.

Which tag is right for you? Everyone’s journey is their own and whichever one you pick, it can help you shape a better tomorrow.

Whatever path calls to you will be the right one. Use the word you desire to make it happen...
The possibilities are endless and this is just the beginning. People find it easier to focus on a single piece or thing. It provides us with a feeling of solace and a reminder of who we are and what we believe in. It can be the one thing that gets you through a tough day or a difficult time.

It has been said that the road to self affirmation is much smoother when you have a focal point, and that's where Talk To The Turtle comes in. Their jewelry can help you have a focus, something that really means something to you. 

What Mama Thinks:

These are such a unique idea! I really like the concept and the idea behind them. I really like products that were created out of a person's passion for something, other than just some mass produced thingy that has no "heart", ya know? 

I received the "Peace" dangle to review. It is so pretty! I love that it comes with the crystal quartz stone too, it makes it have a little sparkle. ;) 

I hung my dangle on Beanie's diaper bag. I figured that is where it will be the most useful. Usually anytime I am out somewhere with the boys, and have the diaper bag, I am stressed beyond belief. So, now, I can look at my little "PEACE" dangle and feel a little better. Not that it makes my kids any better behaved, but hey, jewelry can only do so much, right? 

Anyways, it is really pretty, and I like looking at it. Several strangers have commented on it and wanted to know where it came from. I think these would make great inspirational gifts, if you knew someone who was going through a hard time. Beautiful jewelry with a beautiful message! Love it! 

disclosure: I received a sample of the product to review. No monetary compensation was given, and all opinions are my own.

Uh Oh. I'm feeling it.

For the past two mornings, when we've woken up, it's been foggy, and chilly, around 50 degrees. The boys have been wearing jackets, and I broke out my favorite hoodie.

I can start to feel it. 

Crunchy Leaves,

Hot chocolate, Apple Cider, 

Maybe I can cash in my Swagbucks, and get my outdoor fire pit I've been wanting.... 

The Pumpkin Patch, 
Ahhh. I am never excited to see Summer go, but for some reason, I am really feeling Fall this year. 

What about you? 

What are you looking forward to about Fall?

Jamba Juice At Home Smoothie Review

Okay, you guys should know by now, that I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. Products, sure, I'll try it, but I'm not EATING them. When it comes to food, I'm about as plain Jane as they come. That's why I was a little hesitant to try Jamba Juice At Home Smoothies. I have never even seen a real live Jamba Juice store. I've heard the name, but I really don't know much about it. 

But, I figured , what the heck, anything I can blend up and call a "milkshake" Tater will eat, so why not? 

There are 3 different flavors to choose from:

Strawberries Wild


and Mango-a-go-go
The smoothies are very easy to prepare, you just add apple juice and blend for less than a minute. How simple!

Jamba At Home smoothies are all natural, and has 100% of your daily vitamin C. They contain no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavorings.

What Mama Thinks: 
I actually liked these a lot! We enjoyed the Strawberries Wild the most, and then the Mango. I really liked the flavor of the Raspberry, but there were seeds in it that Tater did not go for at all. My blender is really old and crappy, so I let them thaw for a few minutes on the counter before putting them in. I think otherwise they wouldn't have mixed up as well. I like that you only have to add apple juice, we always have that on hand. So, pretty convenient.  I think that the two 8oz. servings are fine, since just me and Tater will be having these. If you were making them for a crowd, you might want to wait for coupons :) At $2.99, they aren't expensive, but that could add up fast if you were making a bunch. We really liked these, and I am glad I got to try Jamba Juice, Finally!!!

Jamba Juice At Home Smoothies are available at Walmart stores nationwide. To learn more, visit their site.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YoYo Lip Gloss Minis Review & $10.00 Gift Card Giveaway!!!! (OPEN WORLDWIDE!!!)

I probably own at least a hundred different kinds of lipgloss, chapstick, lip balm etc. I am kind of obsessive about it. I always have to have some with me at all times. But, the reason I have so many isn't because I like to try new kinds, although I do, the reason is more that I am scatterbrained. I lose misplace them all the time, reach into my purse, pocket or diaper bag (even my apron at work), and can't find one. Then the freaking out ensues, and I have to go to the gas station and buy another one before life can get back to whatever the hell is normal. 

I think the folks @ YoYo Lip Gloss may have my problem solved. 

They are introducing a new line called YoYo Lip Gloss Minis. They are dubbed as "The Lip Gloss That Can't Get Lost!" I think they made them especially for me :)

Meet the first ever clip on, retractable lip gloss!!

What Mama Thinks: 
I received the four flavors of the new line to try for this review. They are 
  • Big Bounce Bubblegum
  • Cha-Cha Chocolate
  • Kissable Kiwi
  • Girly Green Apple
I really liked these! The retractable thingy was kind of weird at first, but after I got used to it, it is so useful. I like being able to just clip it onto my purse, and not have to dig to find it when I need it. Plus, they smell great and are not sticky like some lip gloss. Everyone really thought they were cute and asked me where they could get some too! Soooo.. thumbs up from Mama! Thanks YoYo Lip Gloss for solving my age old dilemma! 
Would you like to buy some Yo Yo Lip Gloss? Well, here is your chance! The folks at Yo Yo are giving away a $10.00 gift card to their site for one lucky Flip Out Mama reader!!! YAY! And even better, this contest is open WORLDWIDE- yahoooo!!! 

Here's how to win. Read closely, some of our options may have changed. :)

Mandatory Entry: What flavor of yo yo lip gloss minis would you like to try most? Bubblegum?Chocolate? Kiwi? Green Apple?

*If you are using extra entries, please make sure to leave separate comments for each one, so that all of your extra entries get counted. 

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+5 extra: Tweet about it, facebook it, blog about it. This giveaway, that is. Link back to me. Post a comment here and tell me what you did. Actually, post five. You get it. 

    Just for fun, check out this YouTube Video :)

    Rules and Stuff. No purchase necessary. Please don't be a cheater, they never prosper. Contest will end on 10/26/10 @ 9pm. will provide the winner.Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email or alternate winner will be chosen.  Contest open worldwide. I am not responsible for  prizes that are lost, damaged or otherwise not received.

    disclosure-I received a sample of the product in order to faciliate my review. No monetary compensation was given,and all opinions are my own.

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Scenes From Home: Part One

    This is a new series I am doing showcasing photos from my hometown, so you can get a better idea of what life is like here!

     For more information on my hometown, click here

    No compensation was given for this post. I just wanna show you some pretty pictures :)

    Kaskey Kids Sports Action Figures: Review

    Green and Black Football GuysSoccer GuysHOCKEY GUYS by Kaskey Kids

    So by now, we all should be familiar with my struggle to wean Tater off his video game/ TV addiction. It really is so weird. When my nephews were little, they would lay in the floor for hours and line up all their hot wheels, or army men, or whatever, and just play. It's like he's missing that gene or something. I mean really, like 10 minutes, tops, and he's bored. But he could sit in front of that stupid TV all day long. So I keep finding these really great products that I think will help curb the habit lol. This is another one of those products. Let me introduce you to Kaskey Kids Sports Action Figures.

    About Kaskey Kids: (from the site)
    Kaskey KidsTM Purple Football Guys Mini Pack Action Figures
    "Kaskey Kids was founded by Bruce and Christy Kaskey in 2001 with the purpose of creating simple sports action figures. 
     Alabama Football Guys

    As a mother of four sports-loving children, Christy saw that her children and their friends were happiest and most enthusiastic when sports were involved. Playing in the park, in the backyard or at the beach kept everyone active and occupied, but when playtime was brought inside, none of the traditional toys held the Kaskey Kids' interest. 

     Ohio State Football Guys
    Christy took a look back at her own childhood for some inspiration and could vividly remember her two brothers engaging in hours of imaginary play with simple action figures like Army Men, Super Heroes and Cowboys and Indians. After a few years with her house filling up with every bucket or bag of action figures, animals or cars, Christy realized that a simple box of sports action figures could be the key. 
     Georgia Football Guys

    Following an exhaustive search and realizing that the perfect sports guys did not exist, Christy and Bruce went about designing and marketing a boxed set of sports action figures that their children and friends could be enthusiastic about. The main design goal was to keep their children's attention and encourage more creative and imaginary play.
     Tennessee Football Guys
    The result is the line of toys we have today!
    We sincerely believe that your children will enjoy playing with KaskeyKids as much as ours have." 
    Penn Football Guys
    Kaskey Kids Black & Gold Football Guys
    Soccer Girls by Kaskey Kids
    Michigan Football Guys
    Kaskey Kids Florida Football Guys 

    What Mama Thinks:

    You already know Mama thinks this is a great idea!  I love the fact that they provide open ended play for kiddos. And I really love the fact that they have College Football Guys! They don't have UK (blah), but it's okay.. They are still super cute! We received a pack of baseball guys to review. Tater & I really enjoyed them. We laid in the floor and probably played for around an hour. That is a record for him! Neither one of us really knows too much about baseball, but that's okay, we just made it up as we went along! He really enjoyed these little guys!

    Kaskey Kids has a wide variety of sports action figures. You can choose from football guys, my personal favorite *College* Football Guys, Baseball Guys, Hockey Guys, and Soccer Guys & Girls. I would love to see them come out with college basketball guys. Now THAT would be a huge hit around here!
    Kaskey Kid's website also has a Kid's Korner with games and fan photos. (Definitely check out the cute cakes moms have made using Kaskey Kids Sports Guys! TOOO Cute!) It also has tips on ways to play, and articles on the benefits of imaginary play for kids.

    Check out Kaskey Kids to get your own Sports Action Figures for your kiddies!!

    *To receive 20% off your order from Kaskey Kids, use coupon code "FANS" at checkout!**
    disclosure: I received a sample of a product in order for this review. No monetary compensation was given, and all opinions are my own. 


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