Thursday, August 26, 2010

Squinkies Review

What are Squinkies? I think they are going to be the "it" toy for little girls this holiday season! They are little plastic figures (kind of mushy plastic, not hard) that are packaged in little plastic bubbles, like the toys in those little machines that kids love.. They have all kinds of characters, people, horses, dogs, monkeys, even babies! They are too cute!
They have their own little playhouse, and even a bake shoppe! They also double as pencil toppers which is pretty cool! Great for your girls for back to school! They even have Squinkies jewelry! How cute!
You can check out Squinkies here or you can buy them at major retailers such as Target & Walmart. Get 'em now mamas, I think they're gonna be a hit!

Teeny Disclosure: I received one pack of Squinkies for review. That is all folks. All opinions are mine :)

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